#UnbreakableCoin Chat room is located on IRC

Some come to chat, some for help, others to find out the latest on UNB.

For Instant Access to our IRC Chat Room #UnbreakableCoin – Use our WebPortal

For FULL Access to our IRC Chat Room – we recommend using mIRC.exe


IRC – Info  –  #Unbreakablecoin

Primary Chat Room- #UnbreakableCoin  located on IRC Server:   irc.criten.net

Secondary Chat Room- #UnbreakableCoin  located on IRC Server:   chat.us.freenode.net

mIRC.exe  Setup Instructions:

 First time users will need to setup mIRC to connect to #UnbreakableCoin

Once mIRC.exe is installed and running:

Add any Nick Name you like, and then click on “Servers” (located under connect just to the left)


Click on “Add”  and input the following info, so it looks like the image below :

Once done click on “Add” to save


If not already highlighted, then select UnbreakableCoin so it looks like the image below :

Once done click on “Select”

Screenshot (35)

Just as the image below shows, it should say “Server: UNB: UnbreakableCoin “,

If it does, click on “Connect” – If not , repeat last step -

**Note** Allow mIRC to pass thru any firewalls if prompted.

Screenshot (36)

Once you are connected, type exactly the following :  #unbreakablecoin and then click “Join”

It should look just like the image below

Screenshot (37)

That’s it! If you see people in the channel like the image below, then you made it!

Welcome to our Full Access Live 24 Hour #UnbreakableCoin Chat!

Screenshot (38)

Feel free to chat with any of us! Someone from The Unbreakable Team is always around!